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Mercedes Viartola

Mercedes Viartola - Photographer The Drag Queen Closet

Born and raised in Cartagena (Spain), Mercedes is a professional photographer and has been involved in the queer community throughout her entire life.

With her work, she helps other professionals in the fashion, beauty and performance  business to make their creative and commercial projects come to life through amazing pictures.

Years of experience working her path as a photographer into the fashion industry mixed with her personal interests, and highly influenced by the queer community, comic books and her passion for music, have given Mercedes not only technical skills, but also the creativity, the aesthetic sense and the references needed to create the fantastic images that are part from her work.

LGTBQI+ rights defender, and part of a big queer family, made up of her friends, from whom she finds the support and inspiration every day in her professional and personal path. Mercedes is also passionate about the Drag scene, where she can give away all her creativity, values, charisma, uniqueness, nerve…. and talent ;)

The ¨Drag it up¨ project was born back in 2014 with the collaboration of  three fabulous Drag Queens from Murcia’s scene, and the support from the well known nightlife event Gorrionparty, with a final exhibition at the legendary queer night bar Ocio.

Since then, Mercedes has been re conducting her career as a photographer and nowadays, she’s working with different and unique international drag/performance artists for independent projects.

In 2017, thanks to her work and the trust from the creators of this exclusive website made for international Drag/transvestite/crossdresser public, she jumps into The Drag Queen Closet team for the creation of audio visual contents.

Currently she lives happily in Madrid, with her beloved partner and their pussy cat Garrus, and enjoys travelling everywhere around the world for business or pleasure.