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Where can I find a drag queen store?

Dear, let’s be honest. You won’t find a specialized drag queen store on the streets. For many years, drag queens haven’t been accepted by most people and, as you can imagine, running a drag queen store would be rather controversial in most places, especially in small towns.

If you want to do drag, or wish to buy stuff for a friend who does, you won’t find a drag queen store itself. You’ll find makeup at a makeup store or at the mall; if you’re lucky you may manage to find big size heels at a shoe store.

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Nevertheless, times are changing and, thanks to the efforts and fights of the LGBT+ community, not only are LGBT+ people more accepted nowadays, but also drag queens have started to be more visible and even have their own mainstream TV shows.

New generations are more open-minded and, in this ‘yes-to-all’ wave that seems to be taking place, not only gay guys dare do drag, but also straight guys allow themselves to wear a wigmakeup and heels in certain occasions. Gurl, your outfit doesn’t define who you are; you can do drag for fun whatever your sexual orientation or your gender identity may be.

We know what we’re saying because we see it all the time and we’re really happy to be witnesses of this social evolution. However, there’s still a long way to go in order to see a drag queen store like The Drag Queen Closet on the streets; a store where drag queens can find all the stuff they need in just one place; a store where they can be measured to get their dream dress custom made; a store where they can try on the shoes, clothes and accessories and see what they look like before purchasing them.

We’ve been there, we know the feeling of not being able to find stuff, not only on the streets, but also online. We used to wonder why there wasn’t a proper drag queen store, why no one had thought of us. And, one day, we decided to do it ourselves.

Yes, we know we have some limitations, but we have a lot of ideas in mind and we’re sure that, as soon as we can get them implemented, we’ll become the drag queen store you all deserve. And, guess what! We plan to launch high street boutiques, proper drag queen stores, as soon as we can figure out where and how, and as soon as we can afford them (gurl, life’s gone expensive!).

For now, we do what we can to keep The Drag Queen Closet on the track and we’d love to get suggestions about products you’d like to find. We’ll do our research and will give our best to find suppliers and add those products to our collection. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. Our dream is to become your dream drag queen store, and your feedback is gold to us!
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