Kit Eyelashes Queen Maraviglia

Curl type: B
Thickness: 0.10mm
Length: 10 mm


Enhance your eyes with our unique eyelashes.

Handmade false eyelash extensions + Complete kit for false eyelashes.

Drag queens love our eyelashes!

Material: Synthetic Hair

Curl type: B - D

Thickness: 0.10-0.20mm

Length: 10-15mm

Quantity: 16 Strips + 2 Tweezers + 5 Ring-shaped Glue Holders + 1 Glue Remover Cream + 3 Paper Patches Eyelash + 5 Eyelash Brushes + 1 False Lashes Tape + 1 Eyelash Glue + 5 Cotton Swabs

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